Diverse Book Aesthetic

Sometimes when I’m reading a book, I get inspired to compile beautiful photos together to capture the mood of the book. It helps me remember what I liked about a certain book, and hopefully it can help you see if you might want to read a book!

All of these book aesthetics come with a review, so if you click on an aesthetic that seems interesting or exciting to you, it will lead you to my full review for that book! I hope you enjoy this gallery of diverse book aesthetic boards.

What is a Book Aesthetic or Book Mood Board?

Aesthetics and mood boards come in many different shapes and sizes and they can be used to portray many different things (music, people, even concepts). Essentially it is a visual tool used to portray a certain style or mood. It’s a purposeful compilation of images and text used to convey a message, style or feeling about a certain topic. Therefore, book aesthetics or book mood boards are an intentional compilation of photos that are intended to convey the mood or energy of the book as a whole.