Hey! I’m Amanda.

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Let’s get in touch

Whether you are here to give me book recommendations, or just want to say hi, anyone is free to email me at

If you’re here to send me a review request, please read the review request section below. You can also contact me through the suggestions button on your left.

To Bookish Brews Readers

If you’re looking to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you! I love making book friends and would love to chat. Please don’t be shy to reach out just to say hi, if you have any book recommendations, or if you notice something for me to work on and make the blog better. I work to be very open and I’d love to hear from you! Add me on other social media platforms. 🙂

I also accept recommendations for things you’d like to see on Bookish Brews, this can be discussion topics, list ideas, or whatever you’d like. Just email me or fill out the form below if you’d like to see something specific here and I’ll get back to you!

Review Requests

If you’re an author/publicist and are looking for people to read and review your book, I’d love to read your book if it fits the theme of this site!! I’m on a personal lifelong mission of reading authors and books that promote diversity and inclusion, and I want to share that journey with my followers in hopes that they are encouraged to do the same, even by just adding a little bit of intentionality.

If you are a publicist who is pitching multiple books at once, feel free to just send me an email at, you don’t have to fill out the form for each book.

Pro tip: send all the requested information & the book (if you only have an ebook available) in the request & in epub or mobi format. Even if I can’t take on the book right now, it is possible I will come across a time where I go back and read them at a much later date. If the book is not included in the email the chance that I will read your submission as part of a backlog is nonexistent.

That being said, if you think your book is a good fit, head on over to my google form for review requests.

I prefer physical copies of books (who doesn’t!?), but I completely understand the cost can be high, and so that is definitely not a requirement. I’m 100% open to reading epub copies, especially if your book looks especially interesting! You can send physical copies to the following address:

407 W. Imperial Hwy
Suite H #723
Brea, CA 92821-4803

Review Disclosure

I, unfortunately, cannot read every review request that I receive. I pick and choose the ones that I think fit me and my blog the best. I also review books based on what I have time for. I can not guarantee that a review will be posted within a certain time frame (unless I have personally offered).

Please note: it is a goal of mine to one day have a team of reviewers for Bookish Brews. If you are giving me your book to potentially review, it may be reviewed by someone on my team rather than myself. Rest assured that it would only be given to a reviewer with the expressed intent to read and review your book specifically for Bookish Brews and Bookish Brews alone. By submitting a book to Bookish Brews, you are also giving permission for it to be read by a Bookish Brews reviewer.

If you are looking for guaranteed exposure, and your book fits in with the mission of diversity and inclusion, you can also email me to see if we can collaborate on a sponsored post.

Preferred genres

My favorite genres are:

  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Contemporary romance
  • Speculative fiction
  • but I’m honestly up for mostly anything (genres aren’t that helpful anyway) but I’m very easy to scare so only send horror if it isn’t very scary

If you want to look more specifically at the books that I enjoy, feel free to browse my Goodreads shelves (HERE), which will have a much more extensive look at books that have caught my eye.

Looking to Collaborate?

Guest Posts

If you’re interested in doing a guest post on Bookish Brews, send me an email with your idea! I’m willing to accept book reviews, book lists (as collaborations), bookish discussions, author interviews, and more. As long as the books mentioned are all diverse in some way. Please look at how I format my reviews and lists before writing your post.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a post on Bookish Brews, feel free to shoot me an email with all the information. I reserve the right to refuse inquiries should I not feel they appropriate for my blog. Before submitting an inquiry, please check that it fits in with the theme of Bookish Brews! I’m here to promote diversity in books, and to provide a space where people feel comfortable picking up any book listed on this site and knowing that it is diverse in some way.