Hi! I’m Amanda.

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Whether you are here to give me book recommendations or to request that I read your ARC, anyone if free to email me at

If you’re an author and are looking for people to read and review your book, I’d love to read your book if it fits the theme of this site! I’m on a personal life long mission of reading authors and books that promote diversity and inclusion, and I want to share that journey with my followers in hopes that they are encouraged to do the same, even by just adding a little bit of intentionality.

My favorite genres are Science Fiction & Fantasy, but I’m trying to expand my genre horizons, so I’m up for mostly anything. I’m usually a person who pays attention to and enjoys the tone and vibes of books more than the technicality of it all, so I love books that make me feel something. I’m very easy to scare, though, so tread lightly with horror. If you want to look more specifically at the books that I enjoy, feel free to browse my Goodreads (HERE) shelves, which will have a much more extensive look at books that have caught my eye.

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