ARC Reviews

Do you need to know about books before they are published? I can’t help it, but I just love supporting a book right from the beginning. Are you like me? Here is your place! All my ARC reviews in one place.

You’ve Reached Sam by Dustin Thao

You’ve Reached Sam is an incredible book about teens dealing with grief and loss. The writing matches the story perfectly, and navigates the digital theme incredibly. The characters are diverse and rich, and the friendships are beautiful.

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The Dead and the Dark by Courtney Gould

The Dead and the Dark is a wonderful, not so scary, queer ghost story. I absolutely loved the Dark in this book and the “humans are the real monster” dread that came through the entire novel. Courtney Gould definitely delivered in the atmosphere in this creepy rural Oregon town. Can’t wait for more of Gould’s books!

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The Place Beyond Her Dreams by Oby Aligwekwe

The Place Beyond Her Dreams feels like a wonderful dream, and the story absolutely matched in a great way. The story was a bit rougher than I expected, but I did still really enjoy the story and the prose. I especially loved Luenah, and wish we dove into it more, but I was satisfied with it regardless.

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The Sword in the Street by C.M. Caplan

The Sword in the Street is a lovely book that takes a nice spin on fantasy by really doing a great job in presenting very real and very believable interactions between a wonderful set of characters. It touches on relationship problems and victories in a way that I never see enough of. It was absolutely refreshing.

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Spark to Shadow by Atima Kim

This is a book that I wish I had as I was growing up, but I sure am glad it is a book that exists today that I can enjoy. It has all the fun that I need in a YA or New Adult book, and all the inclusivity and positivity that is often missing from far too many books. I absolutely cannot wait for the second book!!

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