Book Review: Chances for Serendipity by Natalie Chung

Good morning! I’m dropping in to share a really fun contemporary romance with you! This book surprised me a lot. I was immediately drawn in and couldn’t put it down. Hope you’re all in the mood for something cozy, delicious, and sweet I have just the indie book for you!

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Title: Chances for Serendipity
Author: Natalie Chung
Publisher: Self-Published (what’s this?)
Publication date: August 16, 2021
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Coming of Age

A page-turning contemporary romance full of heart, tennis, and Chinese baked goods

At a glance: After a one-time chance encounter with celebrity tennis star, Aiden Andale, at age sixteen, Serendipity still finds herself drawn to his appearances in the media years later. She’s just trying to find balance in her young adult life when Aiden Andale walks into her parents’ bakery unannounced.

  • 🎂 Coming of Age
  • 📖 Couldn’t Put It Down
  • 🍃 Easy Reading
  • 💞 Young Love

Read this if… you love sweet contemporary romances, if you’re looking for an easy read that will warm your heart (I literally am always looking for that!!!), if you love tennis or Chinese baked goods!

Diversity Representation: Author of Color (Australian born Chinese), OwnVoices protagonist

Content Warnings: Mentions of grief after the passing of a loved one

Book Review

Sweet, fun, cute, delightful, easy, light, fluffy, charming

Chances for Serendipity drew me in right from the start. This wonderfully classic contemporary romance has just the right balance of everything that I want in a romance. I found myself smiling to myself, feeling grief when Sere was feeling grief, I even found myself crushing on a certain professional tennis star too! The story has some of my favorite things: chance encounters and two characters who challenge each other to grow. It is such a fun read and I’m so delighted to have had the chance to read it!

At age sixteen, Serendipity accidentally hit a cute boy square in the back of the head with a tennis ball at the court. After embarrassed apologies and an unexpected deep chat, they part ways without exchanging contact information. Only after he leaves does Liz tell Serendipity that the boy she just met was up-and-coming tennis star, Aiden Andale! As the years pass, Sere finds herself being drawn to Aiden’s appearances in the media as his career takes off, envious of his success and happiness while she is struggling to find balance. Until one day, all these years later, Aiden Andale walks into her family’s bakery.

Chances for Serendipity is an absolute joy to read. It is paced perfectly and Chung knows how to handle romance tropes and structure so well. I was seriously impressed. I read a lot of romance books and I can honestly say this is one of the best-paced contemporary romances that I’ve read in quite some time. I know this isn’t the most exciting praise for a story but it really impressed me. Not one moment felt too fast, unnecessary, or missing. Every moment came together in the end even when I wasn’t expecting much out of any given moment, they all tied back together. What an absolute gem.

I’m always drawn to romance novels where there is a lot of character growth because I firmly believe that loving someone else is just as much about loving yourself. Sere and Aiden challenge each other and learn from each other in such a sweet way here and I just couldn’t put it down. I adored it. Both Sere and Aiden grew so much during this book, I loved how they each took each other’s advice in the form of challenges. It is such a nice thing to do the lighten up heavy life struggles. It not only was a great tool for Chung to use to help the characters grow and get to know each other, but it was also an approachable way for the reader to take in deeper life struggles that the characters go through while maintaining the light and easy to read the tone of the book.

Summing it all up

Chances for Serendipity is an absolute hidden gem. It is the right level of cheesy, it has the right pacing, it has cute themes (tennis and baking!), and it has heart-warming character growth. I found myself smiling at certain points and feeling grief at certain points, all while maintaining an easy-to-read tone the entire time. Exactly what I’m looking for in any contemporary romance!

*I received this book for free and am leaving this review voluntarily*

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About the Author

Natalie is a big daydreamer who spends her days imagining fantasy worlds full of magical mysteries, action and sweet romance. When she’s not working on her next story, you can find her buying too many books, binge-watching anime or drowning in her accumulating pile of unfinished video games. Natalie lives in Sydney, Australia, but you’re more likely to see her lurking around Bookstagram.

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This sounds like such a hidden gem of a contemporary romance! Added to my TBR!

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