Book Review: Goddess of Limbo by Lea Falls

Good morning! I know some of you saw my chat with Lea last weekend about representation in epic fantasy. If you didn’t catch it, make sure to check it out here! Lea gives really thoughtful and personal thoughts on what representation in fantasy means to her. It is absolutely delightful!

Today is the book release of her debut novel GODDESS OF LIMBO, so I am here to share with you my review of this magical, epic tale. Please enjoy!

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Title: Goddess of Limbo
Author: Lea Falls
Publisher: Zauberfalls Publishing
Publication date: October 14, 2021
Genre: Dark Epic Fantasy

A brand new and fresh take on epic fantasy full of diverse perspectives

At a glance: When free will no longer exists, if souls miss their pre-written path, they are doomed to wander the lost realm of limbo as splinters of their past selves. Their only hope is Alames, whose own soul is shattered, but among a new generation, Alames splinters begin to appear among them.

  • 💫 Atmospheric
  • 🌱 Character Growth
  • 💥 Dramatic Ending
  • 😭 Emotional

Read this if… you want a creative and unique epic fantasy, if you are tired of the same old story in epic fantasy, if you love being swept off your feet in a new world, if you love multiple POV stories!

Diversity Representation: LGBTQIA+ ; PTSD/C-PTSD, cerebral palsy, schizoaffective disorder, eating disorder, autism (identity first), main characters of different skin colors and cultural backgrounds

Content Warnings: Lea is incredible enough to feature this on her website. Please check it out here!

Bonus: Check out Lea’s website to see her discuss more on representation here.

Book Review

Creative, captivating, full, character-driven, growth-oriented, adventurous

Goddess of Limbo is a creative and enchanting epic fantasy story with the delightful magic of the gods. This character-driven novel tells the story of how a group of unexpected heroes fight against gods and demons to save their souls. This premise seems to dream big and I was really pleased to see how interesting the characters are, how creative the world is, and how much everyone seems to grow throughout the book. Though it is a lengthy novel, it is perfect for those looking for a refreshing and different epic fantasy. If you are sick of the standard loosely veiled medieval England tome that is often epic fantasy (that’s me! Very tired of this!) Goddess of Limbo is a perfectly refreshing read!

Quick Summary: The days of free will are gone. Souls have a prewritten path toward heaven but if they miss it, they are doomed to roam Limbo as splinters of who they once were or demons. The reaper Alames, whose own soul has been shattered when her lover, Balthos, rebelled against their creators to make them gods. When a new generation begins to defy Balthos, Alame’s splinters begin to appear again. This cast of underdogs must fight demons, gods, and oppression to save themselves.

Goddess of Limbo really impressed me with its characters. Most books that have so many characters often make me lose track of each of them as they start to blend together. In this novel, I did not feel like any of the characters were blending together at all. It handles the vast amount of characters so well. Each character has their own personality and their own goals and feelings in mind, none of them feel like they are blending together as is so often the case in books with so many characters. Not only were they all characterized so well, but that also made them have interesting and compelling relationships with each other.

Not only are the characters well defined, but they are all growing during the novel. This is a second point because epic fantasy is truly all about character development. The length of the novel allows the author to discuss growth and development for the characters in a clear and realistic way. Each of the characters is growing through trauma in a different way and it is evident that they make progress as the story progresses. This makes for a heartwarming tone to go along with everything else that is happening because you are able to feel for the characters and grow close to them as they go through trials, mistakes, progressions, and more.

Summing it all up

Goddess of Limbo is full of the creative imagination that I always wish was in so many more epic fantasy tales. This story is incredibly unique and full of wonder. If you want a brand new and fresh look at epic fantasy, this book is absolutely for you!

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About the Author

Lea Falls is a writer, actor, and passionate lover of stories. Equally drawn to page and stage, she’s written plays, screenplays, poetry, short stories, and two novels, and has acted in numerous short films, plays, and improv shows. She earned her BFA in Acting at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and attended the Yale Writers Workshop. After a brief call and response with Londontown, she now lives in NYC with her wife, two cats, and a slither of skyline that never fails to inspire her. There, she spends her days murmuring lines over a keyboard or a script. She’s recently learned the meaning of “free time” and has since acquired a taste for annihilating virtual aliens with her wife, steering her coffee robot through D&D battles, and getting hopelessly lost in cities.

Her epic fantasy debut GODDESS OF LIMBO will be released in October 2021. Her short story EMILY’S HEIRS will appear in Hansen House’s ELIXIR: STORIES OF HOPE AND HEALING (AN LGBTQ+ SFF ANTHOLOGY), set to release in January 2022.

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What is the most unique and creative epic fantasy you’ve ever read?
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