Book Review: Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous by Suzanne Park

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Title: Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous
Author: Suzanne Park
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Publication date: June 1, 2021
Genre: YA romantic comedy

A funny YA RomCom that will make you want a digital detox too

At a glance: Sunny Song has lived the life of an internet influencer her whole life, so she never imagined an accident would not only make her go viral but also almost get her expelled. Her only option to stay in school is to go to a digital detox camp. How will she ever reach 100k followers now?!

  • πŸƒ Easy Reading
  • πŸ’• Rom Com
  • 🌼 Self Discovery
  • πŸ“– YA Fiction

Read this if… you want to laugh your butt off while reading, if you’re looking for the perfect light read for summer time, if you love rooting for the farm boy, or if you need a digital detox!

Diversity Representation: Korean American main character and author,

Content Warnings: Mild bullying, racism

Book Review

Hilarious, sweet, fluffy, fun, cute, quick, heart-warming, totally relevant

Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous pulled me in right away. I immediately loved Sunny and immediately was laughing out loud while reading. Suzanne Park really delivers an absolute delight of a romantic comedy. Not only that, but this book is almost a necessary read for all of us bloggers out there. Can you say digital detox? It’s something we all could use every once in a while! Overall, I really enjoyed this book, it was hilarious and so much fun!

Quick Summary: Sunny Song has been living the life of an internet influencer her whole life, ever since her mommy blogger mom posted a video of her as a kid that went viral. She’s grappling with maintaining her mild fame when a series of accidents not only makes her subscription count soar but also gets her almost expelled from school. Sunny’s only option to stay in school is to go to a digital detox camp for the rest of the summer. How will she ever survive?

This book is incredibly relevant. I absolutely loved that Sunny had always been living the life of an influencer because her mom was a mommy blogger when she was a baby. I know mommy blogging is huge, but it was so interesting to see the daughter of a mommy blogger as the main character. It’s no wonder Sunny fell into wanting to be an influencer too. As a blogger myself, I often look out into the blogging world and wonder what it will be like for blogger’s kids to be growing up. It’s not really something that we’ve been able to see too much yet, but I’m sure we will see more people like Sunny very soon!

Suzanne Park’s humor really shines in this novel. It is absolutely clear that she was a stand-up comedian before she was an author. Her writing shows her humor just as well. I was laughing the entire time reading this book. It’s completely silly and sweet in all of the best ways. I absolutely recommend this to anyone who’s searching for a romantic comedy. It fits the bill in all the best way.

The most heart warming part to me was the relationship that Sunny established with the nursing home that came to the farm. She taught them how to use the internet to reconnect with their friends and family. It was such a perfect addition to the book because it made sure to show Sunny (and us, as readers) that there are positives to the internet as well. Sure it can be very negative, especially when people develop legitimate addictions to it, but it can also be used to bridge gaps. The internet really does accomplish all the promises that it made to us about connecting the world to each other. It really made the book come full circle, to discuss the positives and the negatives of what the internet has done to society.

Summing it all up

Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous was a wonderfully refreshing romantic comedy that had me laughing right from the start. It’s another perfect summer beachy read. I’m so excited to read more Suzanne Park, this is just what I needed!

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About the Author

Suzanne Park is a Korean-American writer who was born and raised in Tennessee.

In her former life as a stand up comedian, Suzanne was a finalist in the Oxygen Network’s “Girls Behaving Badly” talent search, and appeared on BET’s “Coming to the Stage.” She found this to be the funniest thing in her comedy career because, well, she is not black. She was also the winner of the Seattle Sierra Mist Comedy Competition, and was a semi-finalist in NBC’s “Stand Up For Diversity” showcase in San Francisco.

Suzanne graduated from Columbia University and received an MBA Degree from UCLA. She was selected for PitchWars and is represented by Brent Taylor of Triada US Literary Agency. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, female offspring, and a sneaky rat that creeps around on her back patio. In her spare time, she procrastinates. Her YA romantic comedy debut, THE PERFECT ESCAPE and her adult romcom LOATHE AT FIRST SIGHT were released in 2020.

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