Wedding Gifts for Book Lovers

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Good morning everyone! Today I’m sharing something a little bit different. I don’t know about you, but I’m at the age where if I log into Facebook I am immediately greeted with engagement rings. People I knew in high school, people I knew in college, they’re all off getting married and announcing it on Facebook. It’s so much more prominent in the summer too! It is wedding season after all! Plus once this pandemic calms down, everyone who has been waiting to get married will be rushing to finally tie the knot. Are you prepared for that?! Because I’m not!

This is for those of you who are invited to too many weddings or even for those of you who just want to give some bookish gifts. Or to buy for yourself, do what you want! You could even give a gift to your online bookish friend (we’re all on the online bookish community because we don’t have friends in real life who read, right? or is that just me?). Maybe even peer pressure a friend into reading more with one of these gifts! Whatever works for you. Check out some of the cutest wedding gifts for book lovers that I’ve found this wedding season!

Who knows, maybe this will just give you ideas to put on your own wedding registries!

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Personal Presents

I feel like newlyweds love nothing more than custom decor! This picture shows a joint last name, for couples who are going to share a last name, but this is fully customizable so you could personalize it however you want to fit them best! Try out this personalized faux book stack for $38.

Do something similar with this custom folded book art for some pizzaz on their book shelf for just $36.

I’m absolutely obsessed with this customizable book stamp to claim all your books! Naturally, you can customize it to a shared name or both names… But I’d definitely want this all to myself. Look at customizing this stamp for just $22.35.

If you don’t want to deal with ink, these adorable stickers are also an option! Fully customizable book lover sticker so no one steals their books for only $7.84.

Bookends or Book Stands

For me, bookends are such an annoying thing to buy for my home. I definitely need them, but can never find ones that look nice at a good price. That’s exactly what makes them great gifts! They are elegant and really spice up a bookshelf. When they’re nice enough, they can even give you an excuse to put your books on display, so you could show off your favorite books! Check out these beautiful ones from small businesses on Etsy:

Keep it classic with these sleek iron bookends (black or white) for $22.81.

Get just a little bit fancier with these simple Marble L-shaped bookends that are even available in a bunch of different marble patterns for $30.74.

Go for a modern industrial look with these heavy-duty concrete triangle bookends that even come in a ton of elegant colors to choose from for $42.75.

Stay modern, but make sure your gift is a showstopper on your friend’s bookshelves with these beautiful golden hands bookends, and make your gift the accent piece for $59.99 (should I add this to my own non-existent registry? I’m obsessed)

Book Kit

What is a book kit you ask? A full book lover experience for your book loving friend! Look at this incredibly fun gift:

A full experience! It even includes a cozy beverage of your choosing so that they can come read with us here on Bookish Brews with a cozy drink! Get this super fun Mystery Book Box Kit for only $49!

A Kindle

I’m sure you knew this was coming! If your loved one doesn’t have a kindle yet, they absolutely need one. You can even buy them an Amazon gift card to get them started with books!

The Kindle Paperwhite is now waterproof, for reading in the tub or the pool. No need to worry about your kindle falling in and getting damaged! They are currently $45 off making them only $84.99, what a bargain!

If you want to blow them away, look at the Kindle Oasis. This baby is incredible. It’s a little pricier, but I’ve been eyeing one for myself for so long! I get so tired reading books at night, but this has an adjustable warm light to be easier on your eyes. It is waterproof and has those cool buttons on the side (I love buttons) to turn the page. It even works with Audible and Bluetooth, so you can seamlessly switch between reading and listening. Revolutionary! The Kindle Oasis comes in a little pricier, but it’s so worth it if you have the budget for a nicer gift! It rings in at $249.99.

Kindle Unlimited

This is a little bit of an unconventional gift, but gifting a Kindle Unlimited subscription for 6 months or a year is such an incredible gift idea. They get to choose what books they want to read, and they can read as much as they want! The selection on Kindle Unlimited is incredibly vast, so they will never run out of books to read. The perfect gift for any book worm. Look at what Kindle Unlimited has to offer here!

Have any other ideas?

Do you have any other ideas to add to the list? I’d love to get more ideas on here! I know that there are so many possibilities out there when buying gifts for book lovers, but I thought all of these were beautiful. I can’t even imagine opening up a brand new kindle at my wedding? Can you say “best day of my life?” (It already will be, but with a kindle? Exceptional) I’d love to hear your wedding gift ideas in the comments, I’m going to be in need of the recommendations very soon! Thanks for stopping by everyone, I hope you found the perfect gift. Or something that you want to gift yourself, that works too!

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