Book Review: The Language of the Flowers by K. Pigeon

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Title: The Language of the Flowers
Author: K. Pigeon
Publisher: Self-published 
Publication date: Mar 9, 2021

At a glance: Lan mysteriously wakes up in the body of a girl thousands of years in the future. Haunted by her old love, and stumbling upon a man that looks just like him, Lan must navigate her new life and love.

  • 🌏 East Asian Rep
  • 📚 First in Series
  • 🛸 Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • 🌼 Self Discovery

Read this if… you love shifter romance, adult romantic comedy books, you love Chinese inspired books.

Diversity Representation: Chinese cultural influences, Chinese-Canadian author, Chinese characters

Content Warnings: forced marriage, domestic abuse, grief, loss, underage drinking, death, slut shaming

book review

Rich, mysterious, funny, light, well thought out and romantic!

This book was a delight to read! I thought the world was so unique with just the right amount of humor and romance that it really kept me interested. The way that Chinese culture was sprinkled in throughout was done so nicely that it mixed in with the worldbuilding perfectly. This book really packed so many things into one book I was really impressed!

Quick Summary: The Language of the Flowers is about a young woman, Lan, who wakes up from a traumatic accident in someone else’s body, thousands of years in the future. She diagnosed with amnesia and is blindly thrown into the life of Elizabeth, who’s body she now inhabits. Haunted by the vow that she made to her love, to wait for his return, she hopes that true love can span millenia. Until her arranged marriage turns out to be a better arrangement than anticipated.

My favorite part of the book was rich background and the sprinkling of Chinese culture throughout the book. I loved how the world building drew inspiration from Chinese culture. There was a rich background of this new world that Lan woke up into. A world that I think will be developed deeper in upcoming books. It was clear that there was so much care and thought put into the rich background.

I also really loved the writing style. Something about it was just casual and comforting in a way that books often miss the beat on. It was easy to read, and the pacing was just right. It really helped with the comprehension in the story, because it somehow manages to feel very old and very modern at the same time. Just like Lan! Which is a fun parallel!

I was a little iffy on Lan and Sebastian’s relationship for most of the book. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to like him or not. He was a little controlling, and I feel like I should love her old love from the time before. However, as the story reached the end, I grew a fondness for him. He learned to love Lan in a way that she responded to instead. Their relationship ended up growing and evolving into something way better than it initially seemed from the arranged marriage. It was nice to be able to see that growth.

Summing it all up

The language of the Flowers is a delightful shifter romance full of rich world building and deep background politics and relationships. There is a lot of character growth and relationship growth, topped with a perfect sprinkling of Chinese culture, this book is a treat!

How do you like shifter romances? Do you love reading books that keep you guessing? Are you going to add this one to your to-read list?

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Wow a new indie book that I need to read! Definitely going to read this one!