Book Recommendation: Feminism, Interrupted by Lola Olufemi

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A feminism that seeks power instead of questioning it does not care about justice.

Feminism, Interrupted is an incredible, thought-provoking, and insightful work on Black feminism in the UK. It’s short, concise and easy to understand. It’s one of those books that will stick with you, and one you will want to read over and over again. Each chapter is specific and has real vision for a better world through feminism.

Olufemi builds a vision for us about what feminism should be, and how feminism often falls short. It is inclusive, transnational, anti-capitalist and challenging. If you read one book on feminism this year, you should read this one. I was in awe the entire time, and from the very beginning, I knew this was going to be a book that I will need to read over and over. It is breathtaking. Feminism is much bigger than you think, and it is a disservice to dwindle it down to be less inclusive.

I believe I’m unqualified to analyze anything in this, so I’m just going to recommend it and leave you with some quotes.

“A commitment to disrupting the state’s violence when and where we see it takes feminism outside of the realm of words and theories and makes it a living, breathing set of principles. It reminds us that where we can make interventions, we should and that only work that seeks to shake and unsettle the very foundations of the sexist state is feminist work.”

“Feminism is a political project about what could be. It’s always looking forward, invested in futures we can’t quite grasp yet. It’s a way of wishing, hoping, aiming, at everything that has been deemed impossible.”

About the Author

Lola Olufemi is a black feminist writer and organiser from London. She facilitates workshops on feminism and histories of political organising in schools, universities and local communities. She is the co-author of A FLY Girl’s Guide to University: Being a Woman of Colour at Cambridge and Other Institutions of Power and Elitism (Verve Poetry Press, 2019).

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Have you read any great feminist books recently? Share with me! Do you think you will pick this one up?