Book Review: The Place Beyond Her Dreams by Oby Aligwekwe

4 dreamy, magical, reminiscent stars!

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Diversity Representation: BIPOC, own voices

Content Warnings: domestic abuse, grief, death of a family member

This book actually comes out tomorrow, so happy publication day to Oby Aligwekwe! Your book was a delight to read, and you are a gem! Thank you for this book. So be sure to preorder it now!

The Place Beyond Her Dreams is a promising book about a young girl who’s family takes in a young house boy and raise him as their own. Along the way, her grandfather dies unexpectedly, they fall in love, and a love triangle surfaces, and amidst it all, she realizes she has powers to travel to a magical realm while she sleeps.

It has all the makings of a book that I like: magical realism, love triangles, fast paced, dream-like story telling. A fantasy set in Africa? Fantastic! Amazing! Beautiful! STUNNING! The writing was written with a fun prose that felt like a reminiscent memory, so it appealed to older readers too. I loved that tactic! Honestly, I really enjoyed reading it.

The author seemed to have put a lot of care into each character, and by keeping the dreamy prose it separated you a touch from some of the harsh moments, while still keeping close just enough to like the characters. I didn’t realize there was going to be some intense moments, as it starts out with the MC a young girl. But overall I enjoyed it quite a bit!


Big plus, I’ve spoken to the author of this book, and she is absolutely wonderful and, to me, that is HUGE encouragement to support her. 🙂

I mentioned it at the top, but this is about to be published TOMORROW. Go check it out!

Big Takeaway

The Place Beyond Her Dreams feels like a wonderful dream, and the story absolutely matched in a great way. The story was a bit rougher than I expected, but I did still really enjoy the story and the prose. I especially loved Luenah, and wish we dove into it more, but I was satisfied with it regardless.

About the Author

Oby Aligwekwe is the author of Nfudu, Hazel House, and The Place Beyond Her Dreams. She is also an accomplished Chartered Accountant, Auditor, and Risk Manager with a track record in the management, execution, and delivery of services to clients spanning a variety of industries and sectors across domestic and international markets.

Oby holds a bachelors degree in Accountancy from the University of Nigeria, and a Masters degree in Economics from the University of Saskatchewan. She has a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) designation and has worked for some of the world’s top professional services firms including the big 4’s.

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