Malice by Heather Walter

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

3.5 Briar Rose Stars

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I had a lot of fun reading Malice. I love when retellings get really creative and change a lot of things, because reading the exact same story can be so boring. It was a great book to binge and was interesting and creative, but I could definitely tell that it was a debut novel.

Despite the repetition and the sporadic drawn out pieces, I did enjoy the world building, and all the background of Briar. There weren’t elements that I disliked enough to take out, it just felt like there was … kind of a lot of stuff happening.

almost was willing to give this four stars, almost. I think for how drawn out some of it was, and how many things were happening all at once, that the ending was rushed. It felt a little, ahem, like Game of Thrones in the end. Most of you know the feeling.

Malice definitely a fun debut novel, with a fun twist on Sleeping Beauty, but perhaps missing that element of literary magic to all come together better. BUT I’m very excited for more books by Heather Walter. I can feel that she will grow as an author and she can blow us all away one day.

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