Book Review: Livid Skies by Si Clarke

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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“We can have fully automated luxury gay space communism when we find a supply of unlimited resources – until then, we’ll have to make do with partially automated queer social liberalism.”

Title: Livid Skies
Author: SI Clarke
Publisher: White Hart Fiction
Publication date: January 18, 2021
Genres: Science fiction, LGBTQ+ fiction

WOW! Livid Skies really surprised me. The promise of a diverse cast really caught my attention, and Si Clarke ABSOLUTELY delivered.

This beautifully queer civilization on Mars was absolutely delightful to read about. I initially thought there wasn’t enough action, but as I continued, I realized that my desire for more action is simply because I’m not used to just delightful sci-fi books. There WAS action, just not the kind that I expected. I was also initially overwhelmed by characters, because there were so many. By the end, however, I was so happy that there were so many characters, because they were all a practice in acceptance.

It’s incredibly clear that Clarke put a lot of work and thought into this book and how the colony should work. It did not go unnoticed or unappreciated! There are references in the back about the research done to create Devon Island, which was so awesome to see and understand!

This was just a lovely story of humanity surviving and thriving socially even after we’ve had to leave our beautiful home on Earth. We learn to move on, and we learn to accept each other. Delightful! By the end I was just smiling to myself about all of it. 🙂 I really felt like I was there, building the colony through the mears with them!

Extra fun with this one: this review is actually featured in the book on the first page! If you purchase this book, on the first page, you will see me! From before I made this blog, so it currently says Lady Amanda from Goodreads. But the amazon information is updated to say Bookish Brews, check it out HERE! 🙂

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

About the Author

SI CLARKE is a misanthrope who lives in Deptford, sarf ees London. She shares her home with her partner and an assortment of waifs and strays. When not writing convoluted, inefficient stories, she spends her time telling financial services firms to behave more efficiently. When not doing either of those things, she can be found in the pub or shouting at people online – occasionally practising efficiency by doing both at once.

As someone who’s neurodivergent, an immigrant, and the proud owner of an invisible disability, she strives to present a diverse array of characters in her stories.