Why Bookish Brews?

At Bookish Brews we are calling for a structural and fundamental cultural shift through stories. We firmly believe stories can change the world, but representation in literature is only one step. If we truly want to make a change, we must not only read diverse books but we must also give stories the space change us. We must understand that literature is culture and people create culture. Stories come from beyond the page and so they must reach us beyond the page too. We must allow stories to be the catalyst to help us close the gap between ourselves and others, bringing us all closer together.

We’re dedicated to providing meaningful discussions on literature, life, stories, and culture, because they are all inextricably tied. We exclusively highlight storytellers from systematically marginalized communities with a heavy focus on global majority storytellers.

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Discussions on genre, publishing, writing, and more

Beyond Literature

Our own stories about our culture, the world, and our place in it

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In-depth interview style discussions on the intersection of diversity, life, and literature

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Get more diverse book recommendations, thoughts on literature, publishing, life, and the world. Most importantly, the intersection of it all.

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